Candida Treatment Methods: Treating Candidiasis Effectively

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The program we have developed addresses both local and systemic yeast issues and does not require the strict unhealthy diets to be successful. By oxygenating the tissues of the body the candida can be safely and effectively eliminated by the body itself. Oxygenation of the soft tissues has been the “missing link” in successfully eliminating yeast overgrowth – until now. Our program combines dietary restrictions where necessary, nutritional support for the immune system and the adrenal system as well as the re-implantation of healthy bacterial with specialized probiotics. The major difference is the use of natural oxygenation supplements and that makes the difference between actually eliminating the problem as opposed to just covering symptoms.

Recently Dr Oz aired a program on yeast overgrowth in the body. This is amazing since the mainstream medical profession has all but ignored this problem. He brought out how this yeast overgrowth is a major problem and can affect perhaps hundreds of thousands of people. The Dr. Oz show has reached millions and should raise the awareness of this near epidemic problem. The program pointed out how antibiotic abuse destroys the beneficial bacteria in the body, which in turn allows the yeast to explosively multiply. The spit test for yeast as outlined on the Dr Oz Candida Show can be effective but is often a false positive.

Dr. Elizabeth Boham, is pioneering medical acknowledgement in the yeast awareness. Dr. Boham uses the spit test exclusively, which can produce false positive results. Testing for overgrowth should be conducted by the use of systemic yeast symptoms.

Once the yeast is under control, we then use immune support formulas and Full Spectrum supplements to keep the body well. Treating symptoms is like using aspirin for a headache. If the cause is not addressed the headache only returns. Our program is cause driven and is designed to help support the body in the elimination of this problem and not simply attempt to control the symptoms over and over again.

The Natural Candida Program That Works!

If all these common methods are ineffective in eliminating systemic candida, what can be done? After over 26 years of working with candida sufferers, we have found a program that actually destroys and eliminates it wherever it is within the body. Our program is safe, effective and very easy to do. Unlike other home treatments our natural program is not invasive and is very pleasant to take. The all-natural Oxy Flush takes between 6 and 7 weeks to complete and supports the body in the elimination of the problem.

What About Die Off?

Many people are concerned about what is called candida die off. This occurs when you kill off the candida faster than your body can effectively eliminate it. This is not in any way dangerous, but it can, in some people, produce unpleasant side effects including headache, nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue. Since our Oxy supplement is buffered it is very gentle and easy on the system. If the die off become severe however, which is rare, we can simply slow down the program from the normal 6 weeks and extend it to 8 or even 10 weeks. This will eliminate any uncomfortable issues associated with Candida.

The Answer to Systemic Candida

Understand that you probably didn’t develop a systemic yeast problem overnight and if it has become systemic, common drugs like Diflucan, Nystatin, and even the probiotic Three-lac with have little or no effect on the systemic portion of your condition. Diflucan and Nystatin work on yeast overgrowth in the intestinal area and to a lesser extent, on localized vaginal problems, but when the yeast becomes systemic the drugs, herbs, diet changes, and even probiotics are relatively worthless. After 26 years helping those suffering I can assure you that with time, even the most stubborn cases can be eliminated through the use of our Natural Oxygenated Aloe Vera Flush Program. Let us help you today!