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Types of Natural Yeast Infection Cures

If you like to deal with a yeast infection with natural methods rather than turning to prescription antibiotics that may have some unwanted adverse effects, you do have a few options. There are actually numerous natural yeast infection treatments that can be acquired from any herbalist. Here are a couple of examples of natural herbs that can assist with curing your condition.

For internal problems such as a yeast infection in the digestive tract, buchu is often helpful. The leaves of the plant are useful with assisting to kill the infection in the intestines, as well as assist with any traces discovered in the urinary tract. Buchu is rich in calcium, chromium, and potassium, which are all nutrients that can assist in combating infections.

Garlic is another natural herb that can be very helpful in clearing a yeast infection. With lots of agents that help in killing off internal parasites and worms, garlic likewise helps to strengthen the immune system so that the body can fight off the yeast infection. This is one of the yeast infection treatments that you most likely already have in your kitchen spice rack. Pure garlic powder, and even crushed cloves of garlic used to make a tea can help relieve symptoms, and put you on the road to healing.

White oak bark is another of the natural yeast infection remedies that you can call upon. With healing and calming qualities for the gastro-intenstinal tract, white oak can be taken internally or used to create a poultice to put directly on an infected area of the skin. A tea made from white oak is a time-honored cure for thrush, which is simply a yeast infection in the mouth. Like buchu, white oak is likewise rich in calcium, and numerous other vitamins and nutrients that are crucial for immune system health. Using buchu and white oak together, along with minced garlic or garlic oil can commonly help to reverse a yeast infection in a really short amount of time, without the need to use any sort of artificial medications.

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    These "Natural" remedies are ONLY effective in the cases of localized yeast infections. Once the yeast has become systemic in the soft tissues these substances are almost totally ineffective. This is why we use oxygen enhancing programs because the oxygen reaches every cell of the body from head to toe. Since the yeast organism is basically anaerobic, it cannot effectively survive in an oxygen rich environment. Our program recommendations have been helping thousands of people worldwide for over 26 years. Take our Candida evaluation on this site and total your score. Call our office to discuss the program: 1-888-454-8464

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