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Typical Causes Of Yeast Infections

Many people have to deal with yeast infections at one time or another. In most cases, it is a simple job to treat the infection and get on with life. There are several different elements that can cause the development of a yeast infection. Here are a few examples of yeast infection causes that are relatively common.

Among the more typical ways that one gets a yeast infection is because of sexual activity with an infected partner. This can involve any sort of sexual activity that includes interaction with the area presently carrying the infection. For example, if the mouth or esophagus is infected, the infection can be spread via oral sex. In the event that the genitals are currently infected, it is possible to share the infection with a partner. When someone becomes aware that he or she currently has an active yeast infection, it is a wise idea to avoid sex until the infection is cleared up.

In some individuals, a yeast infection can be triggered by a response to some sort of foreign substance being introduced into the body. For example, it is possible to establish a yeast infection as a result of taking a contraceptive pill. Some lubricating agents can also cause the development of a yeast infection. Even some antibiotics taken to treat different physical ailments could result in a yeast infection as one of the adverse effects. Whenever an outside agent is recognized as the cause for the infection, terminating use of the agent will usually help to avoid a reoccurrence.

Yeast infection causes might also happen due to allergic reactions to various foods. Since some degree of yeast is always present in the body, the allergen may cause an increase in production that is beyond what the body’s immune system can control. The final result is the development of an infection either externally or in the digestive tract. Typically, recognizing the foods and avoiding them will go a long way in preventing a 2nd round of yeast issues.

There are other situations that can cause a yeast infection. Yeast infection causes such as an immune system that is damaged by tension, the presence of HIV, and even ongoing health problems such as diabetes can increase the chances for the development of a yeast infection. If you are having problems with yeast, see a doctor, and learn exactly what factors could be causing your trouble.

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    Regardless of the cause of a yeast overgrowth, once it becomes systemic the approach to eliminating it MUST be the same because only oxygen can now reach the sites in the body where the yeast is growing. Over the past 26+ years we have tried most everything out there and have settled on the oxygenation of the body as the most direct way of addressing systemic yeast no matter where it may be growing.

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