Candida Diet

Water & Candida Detoxification

Water, the universal solvent, is the body’s first and best way to dilute and eliminate toxins from the body safely. It is amazing how many people are actually dehydrated most of the time. We often erroneously feel that all fluids, such as juices, coffee, and sodas count as water intake but this is not usually the case. These fluids have many other particles and compounds in them and as such require pure water to dilute them as well.

When it comes to candida, as the organism is killed off by oxygenation of the soft tissues, the residue of that process needs to be eliminated safely. The body dilutes toxins with water so that they may safely pass out via the urine. This is true for candida as well. Many people complain of what they often call “die off,’ which can occur if the body cannot eliminate by-products and toxins fast enough. These then build up in the soft tissues causing fatigue, lethargy, digestive disorders, headaches, and inflammation. The best way to address this issue is to ensure that you are consuming enough water to properly dilute the residual material from the yeast as it is being killed off.

How much water is enough? Well the standard has always been 8 8oz glasses per day. For most people this is probably a good level but there are always exceptions with some people needing more and some less. If you are detoxifying for any reason always remember to consider consuming enough pure water as there is no substitute. More info about sugar cravings and Candida Overgrowth coming in September.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Any time yo wish to detoxify in any manner drinking enough water is essential. For example on our systemic detox program we require that 2 quarts or more of water be consumed daily to ensure rapid and safe passage of toxins through the kidneys.

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