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What Candida Diet is the Best?

Most people who come to us with candida have been suffering from this for months or even years. Naturally they want to know how soon they might begin to feel better once they start our oxygen-based program. This is a difficult question as each person is different and the rate at which improvement takes place can be affected by many factors such as age, sex, how long the candida has been overgrown, immune function, and other health challenges that may also exist. People also want to know if they might experience die off symptoms. This is best calculated if you take our candida test. We know from many thousands of previous individuals that the degree of die off, if any is related to the score level of our test. Generally speaking, fewer than 5% of all those who have used our program have ever experiences any degree of die off at all. This is because our formula is buffered and as such gentle on the system, releasing oxygen into the soft tissues slowly rather than rapidly. Some of the common questions that I address in my video Dr Whiting on Questions about Candida.

1. Do I have to follow the classic “candida diet”? Since what you eat does not cause or will any restriction cure candida once it has become systemic, these strict unhealthy diets are unnecessary. We do suggest that you reduce your consumption of sugar and white flour products as these foods put a strain on your immune system.

2. How many times might I have to repeat your oxygen-based program for candida? This again depends on many of the factors that we mentioned above. About 50% of those we work with are able to arrest their yeast issues with just one round of our Flush. Others may need to repeat more than once due to prolonged yeast overgrowth or compromised immune health.

3. Will this program improve my digestion and bowel function? Since candida can have a significantly negative effect on the digestion and elimination systems we would expect to see a definite improvement in these areas once the yeast is brought under control. You can also download the special report Eliminating Systemic Candida & Yeast Infections.

4. If I have other health challenges should I deal with those first? We always recommend that if a systemic yeast infection is present that it should be addressed first. Since this situation can produce so many side effects and affect so many bodily functions it may be difficult to separate which is which. Once we take care of the candida whatever remains can better be identified and addressed at that time.

5. Do you offer support? You can call 1-888-454-8464 or email us at any time. We have over 25+ years of experience in assisting those with the best candida cleansing on the market.

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