Here we go again. Another product for which the claims are 100 times greater than the effect. This product claims it can benefit an entire host of potential problems. In 40 years of the nutrition industry I cannot think of a single product that can accomplish this all in one. When it comes to systemic Candida this product is probably just is ineffective as many of the other local yeast infection remedies. When a yeast infection is confined to the gastrointestinal tract, garlic, various herbs and perhaps even this formula might be of some benefit. For most people however, if the yeast issue has gone on for any length of time it has likely become systemic in nature.

This changes the entire situation from a localized relatively easy to address problem to a much more complex and complicated situation. When talking about the systemic yeast infection there is no best diet to address candida. A candida detox cleanse for yeast infection relief must include a system that can address candida systemically from head to toe. The best candida cleanse we have found in over 30 years is the use of stabilized oxygen supplements. By using food grade hydrogen peroxide in a stabilized buffered form, we can safely raise the oxygen level of the soft tissues thereby destroying the yeast organism no matter where it may be residing in the body. Cures for yeast infections on the Internet seem to abound but virtually all of them have their effectiveness in a localized yeast problem. Womezon is no exception. This is another example of marketing and not science. This is not to say the product does not have benefit, but to say that it is a universal panacea of course is absurd. Check back next month for more information about diets for leaky gut and make sure to listen to real testimonials and make sure to check out all of Dr Whiting’s Chronic Disease Special Reports.

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