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Yeast Infection Pills And Side Effects

If you have a yeast infection, and go see your doctor for treatment, there is likelihood you will be given a prescription for one of several different pills. Depending upon the extent of your condition, and the sort of medicine that is suggested by your medical professional, there are numerous things you can expect from taking the yeast infection pill. Right here are some examples.

First, be ready for some negative side effects. Depending on your overall health and the particular kind of medicine you are given, the negative side effects may be slight, or they might be somewhat serious. For example, you may experience a minor tingling sensation for a short time after taking the medicine. This might be just enough to notice the side effect, and might even be rather pleasant for some individuals.

Others may experience a headache that lasts for a few hours after taking a dose of the medicine. As long as the negative effects are relatively minor and do not seem to disrupt your life, you can most likely deal with them. However, if they cause significant trouble, make sure to inform your doctor immediately.

Next, the yeast infection pill might produce results in a short time frame, or take longer. This will frequently depend on both the sort of medicine you have been provided, as well as how advanced your certain infection happens to be. Usually, your doctor can evaluate the scenario and offer you some idea on how long you will have to take the pills before you start to observe results. If this time frame passes and you still are having trouble, inform your physician of the situation so the dosage of the medication can be adjusted.

Last, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as a yeast infection tablet that will eliminate the infection overnight. While there is a good chance that you will start to see a difference in a day or two, it is important to bear in mind that infections of this kind do not establish overnight, and they do not go away any quicker. Have patience, follow the doctor’s orders, and you will soon be past your yeast infection and on to better things.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Most medications currently in use target the gastro-intestinal tract. Once the yeast overgrowth becomes systemic however, these medications become much less effective. Also treatments such as herbal extracts, probiotics and diet changes will have little long term effect as they too target primarily the intestines. This is the main reason why we have settled on the use of oxygen enhancing supplements as the oxygen reaches every cell of the body.

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