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Yeast Infections In Males: Candidiasis

Yeast infection is really common in females, and therefore it is in some cases misunderstood as a disease that can affect females only. It may be a stunning truth to many that men are equally as vulnerable to yeast infection as women. Men equally deal with a yeast infection, but in the form of penile yeast infection, rather than vaginal yeast infection in females the threat of oral yeast infection between the two sexes is the exact same.

Something that lots of people do not realize is that sometimes, yeast infections in males are transferred by women by means of sexual contact, so it can likewise be categorized as a sexually transmitted disease. However, is it not always necessary that males always get it from females. Yeast infections can very easily develop in men, and then get transmitted to females by sexual contact. Therefore, males and females can pass the yeast infection back and forth, and if it is not identified in one, can cause a recurring issue with the other.

The major causes of yeast infection to grow in males are the exact same as they are in women. The prolonged use of antibiotics, the imbalance of the immune system in the body, weakening or good bacteria in the genital region, and of course another typical means for a man to get a penile yeast infection is through sexual transmission. A male who has unguarded sex with a woman carrying a vaginal yeast infection is most likely to get infected.

The problems and symptoms for a male with a yeast infection are nearly the same as it is in a woman. Redness and itchiness of the penis, pain during urination or sexual intercourse suggest the possibility of the man afflicted by a yeast infection. Yeast infections can properly be categorized as a sexually transmitted disease (STD). An infected man or woman can transmit a yeast infection to their partner, and the infection just spreads.

If an extremely sexually active man or female gets infected by yeast infection, then it is most likely that the condition gets spread extensively. Some prophylactics that kill off the HIV virus are more likely to infect the user with yeast infection. Due to hereditary aspects and physical health conditions too, some men are more vulnerable to getting infected by Candidiasis or yeast infection than others. As an example, a diabetic man has more risk of getting a yeast infection, simply for the reason that such males have higher levels of sugar in their urine, which helps the growth of fungal organisms in the male genital region. A male HIV positive patient is also more vulnerable to get a yeast infection just as easy.

There are lots of ways to cure yeast infections, and there are numerous medications offered in the market. However, considering that a yeast infection is more typically classified as a female condition, there is less effort made to make medical cures for male yeast infections than for female yeast infections. However, there are some prescriptions that help to deal with the male yeast infections, and obviously, there are other natural treatments which are also suggested.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    We often think of a yeast infection or overgrowth as a female issue. While it tends to be more common in women, males can be very at risk as well for the same reasons. The issue is that men can be fairly asymptomatic and as such feel they are not affected. They can pass the yeast sexually, to partners often without knowing.

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